“Thursday” is the word here at Katy’s Fitness and the day of the week I am most excited about, because Thursdays are Bootcamp day!

Come and join the revolution! No more exercising in mud or driving rain at my indoor, women only bootcamps. In a fun, encouraging environment work hard to burn fat, gain muscle, improve fitness levels and most importantly make friends. I start where you are at and can help you to achieve your fitness goals. You do not need to be super fit to join, I work with all fitness levels. With my background as a women’s health personal trainer, I can allow you to exercise safely even with conditions like pelvic floor disfunction, pregnancy and diastasis recti.

Plus, after every Bootcamp you can get weighed on my ‘magic scales’ – well ok, they’re not actually magic – but you will still get your:

  • Weight, BMI, body fat percentage reading, body muscle percentage reading, bone density reading, visceral fat levels, basal metabolic rate

You will be able to keep track of them on your individual progress record and you can watch those readings change over time.

So, join me every Thursday:

  • 2pm – 2.45pm, St Paul’s Church, Kingston Hill
  • 8pm – 8.45pm, St Richard’s Church, Ham

Here’s what people have been saying about Bootcamp:

  • “Best fitness instructor ever! Fun but still hard work” – Jen, Ham
  • “Highly recommend Katy, she is a nice person and runs fun and very good classes.” – Mihaela, Ham
  • “Best class ever attended” – Inga, Ham
  • “Would highly recommend Katy’s classes. They are enjoyable and thorough and really helped me gain strength.” – Kay, Kingston

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