Zeynep, London

After the birth of my second child, I wanted to make sure that I had the best chance possible of closing my diastasis recti and so started to look around for someone who could help me. Katy’s knowledge, approach and own personal experience were key in my choosing to work with her. Her personalised program and flexibility were super helpful given I work full time. Believe it or not, my gap closed within 3 months! I’m really happy to recommend her to others.

Fabiola, London

I had just had my second son (4 months old at the time) and a friend who teaches pilates offered to check my stomach and found that I had a large separation between my abs. I could fit all four fingers between my abs (and spread them!). I found Katy on an online search for Abdominal Diastasis rehabilitation and we got to work the following week. Katy provided clear and simple exercises for me to carry on with throughout the month. Any doubts I may have had on their effectiveness were quickly erased when I saw real progress after just the first month. Still I had fears it would take a year to fully recover or, worse yet, surgery. But with Katy, we were able to close my large gap in just 5 months. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. And whilst the above speaks to her skill, she also exhibited great professionalism and thoroughness. She would check in on my progress and was always available if I had any questions. She always showed up on time for our meetings and always stayed positive throughout the journey. I cannot offer a higher recommendation than that I give for Katy. She is a star and I couldn’t have closed my gap without her.

Lesley, Tolworth

I very much enjoyed working with Katy, and would not hesitate to recommend her as a personal trainer. I started working with Katy a month or so prior to my retirement, and yet following her programme for six months, was able to close a post-pregnancy abdominal gap; now that must be a record! Katy is lovely, and has an infectious enthusiasm, such that an hour’s workout is fun. She is very knowledgeable, and left me with personally tailored programmes to continue the work between sessions. Katy was also very good at encouraging me, especially in those moments when progress seems slow, so that I was able to achieve improved flexibility, fitness and knowledge about posture.

Laura, Kingston

After having two children within 15 months I was left with a diastasis recti that wasn’t healing itself, despite my best efforts. Booking sessions with Katy was the boost I needed and after five months my gap has now closed. I have loved my sessions with Katy. She is like having a friend come around, one who encourages you to exercise! From the start she was positive, focusing on what I was doing well and how to improve, and understood the difficulties of fitting in exercises with two preschool children. I have decided to carry on my sessions with Katy to continue getting fitter and stronger and because they are always so enjoyable!

Tuze, Kingston

I enjoyed very much training with Katy last year. She understood my hectic lifestyle between being a mum of 2 and full time working and regular travelling and she taught me ways to make it possible to exercise even in short period of times. Thanks to her,  I made effort to keep going and didn’t give up. She made me feel that my excuses are real and there are ways to overcome them without beating myself up. Very important state of mind to be when you want to train.

Gemma, Epsom

I found Katy’s website via a google search and I’m so lucky I did! After 2 pregnancies I suspected I might have separation of the abdominal muscles but having found the personal trainers in my gym pretty clueless I wanted to find someone that specialised in this area.
Katy identified the problem straight away and set about giving me some excercises to start with as well as helping me with my posture, breathing and aliment. Well after 5 months of seeing her for just 1 hour each month my stomach gap has completely closed up!
She is not only a fantastic trainer but very understanding of family life and trying to fit in workouts with kids and never lets you feel down if you havnt done as well as you could of one month.
I would really recommend her to anyone that is struggling with working out after having children as she is very motivating and also very accommodating with her appointments, I always book her for when my toddler is napping!

Sally, Kingston

I have no hesitation in recommending Katy to anyone as a totally committed Personal Trainer.
She has an infectious enthusiasm for her work, very noticeable at every session. She is knowledgeable and innovative and managed to incorporate my feeble exercises into a much more efficient routine that was effective and enjoyable. Katy is considerate and fun. She listens and takes great care in formulating a regime based on her experience and her clients needs.

Abi, Richmond

After my third child was born I knew I wanted to find a way to get back in shape but the normal route of joining a gym seemed too intimidating.
Finding Katy was the perfect solution! Not only is she a brilliant Personal Trainer but she also understands what it’s like to be a working Mum. Her routines always manage to motivate and push me further than I would go on my own and her lifestyle tips and dietary advice help me to make healthy changes whilst being realistic about family life.
Working out with Katy is like hanging out with a friend – a friend who has a real interest in your core strength!

Joy, Kingston

After retiring from a job which kept me physically active I was looking for someway to maintain my level of fitness. Not only has Katy helped me to do this but my overall fitness, flexibility and core have improved and continue to do so. Katy’s approach of a personalised program, challenge and encouragement has kept me motivated and successful.

Kobie, Clapham

Katy has been instrumental in my post baby exercise motivation. I really wanted a kick start to get back to my prior fitness levels and exercise regime after a year of maternity leave and Katy created a tailored programme for me based on my needs and capabilities. She always delivered a fun, energetic, targeted and focused session which I really looked forward to every week. Katy has a lot of health and fitness expertise and knowledge which showed in her exercises and programme choices each week – it was the highlight of my week (an hour where it was all about me and helping me get stronger and fitter).